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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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Jiren's "magic eyes" and the tricks he plays with them give rise to "one surprising development after another" (Hanan 1988, 78).
The doodle is not so clear that people must use a magic eye to see all the individual letters represented by birds of prey, songbirds, and an owl that spell out the word "Google".
These included Matita Sopracciglia Fissativa, an eye pencil that comes in many different shades, and the new Magic Eye Pen, an eye pencil adorned with glitter that can be used to decorate other facial areas in addition to the eyes.
Visitors to Mercato will be welcomed by a 3D magic eye gallery through the walkway leading to the Porto Vecchio area.
You can decrypt the words DUH DUH DUH embedded like a Magic Eye illusion across one spiral--as if testifying to a time made a little madcap, a little ridiculous, and all too saturated, by so many possibilities.
Whether through a Magic Eye book, psychedelic picture, or a kaleidoscope, they have been exposed in one way or another to the illusionist idea.
I couldn't see it, but I can never see the images in Magic Eye 3-D pictures either.
3-D pictures have been made popular recently in a series called Magic Eye books.
Witness the recent popularity of com- puter-generated "Magic Eye" art: Wherever one of these pictures hangs, throngs of people gather around to stare, squint, and cross their eyes in an attempt to make the concealed 3-D form leap out.
A third collection and a Disney book are on the way, as are novels with stereoscopic illustrations, "Magic Eye" images on Cheerios boxes and a possible TV show.
So close was the finish that even the magic eye of camera failed to separate both crossing the line locked together.
Today the group has a total of 22 USTERA(r) JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 units with USTERA(r) JOSSI MAGIC EYE installed in its various plants.
WIMBLEDON'S magic eye, newly installed at a cost of PS2,000, sparked the first dispute of the fortnight.
The patterns evolve and shift, giving the sensation of a kind of musical "Magic Eye" picture.
Then he managed to open the door's magic eye from outside and he tossed in a lit cigarette.