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Synonyms for magic

Synonyms for magic

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

Synonyms for magic

References in classic literature ?
When all was ready, it was found that the iron horse was so heavy that a hundred men could not move it from the spot, so the youth found there was nothing for it but to move it with his own strength by means of the magic ring.
And now after his long suffering came prosperity, which lasted to the end of his life; but he never got back the magic ring, nor has it ever again been seen by mortal eyes.
One sunny morning, when the fresh, cool Winds were blowing, and not a cloud was in the sky, little Annie walked among her flowers, looking carefully into each, hoping thus to find the Fairy, who alone could take the magic blossom from her breast.
The magic flower was ringing its soft warning, but she paid no heed to anything, save her own troubled thoughts; thus she sat, when suddenly a low voice whispered in her ear,--
Long and hard she struggled, and tears often fell; but after each new trial, brighter shone her magic flower, and sweeter grew its breath, while the spirits lost still more their power to tempt her.
And, in a glow of conscious virtue, I stood watching the unloading of the cart, still holding the Magic Watch open in my hand, as I was curious to see what would happen when we again reached the exact time at which I had put back the hand.
Here is my chance," I thought, "for testing the reverse action of the Magic Watch
Had you not lost your Magic Belt we might have some chance of defeating Ozma; but the Belt is gone.
One of my spies, who is a Blackbird, flew over the desert to the Land of Oz, and saw the Magic Belt in Ozma's palace," replied the King with a groan.
But I want the Magic Belt--and I'm going to have it
Only when the truth is spoken will my magic pearl remain a pure white in color.
Really," said the Sorceress, "that is beyond my magic.
Let us see some of your magic, that we may know if it be good magic.
Bring me fire," replied Bukawai, "and I will make you a little magic.
Who is he, anyway, that he dare say Bukawai's magic is not good magic?