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the larva of the housefly and blowfly commonly found in decaying organic matter

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Identifying flies used for maggot debridement therapy.
He's maggot by name and now Maggot by nature as he fronts a BBC Wales show in the Saving Planet Earth series.
One patient, Mary Little, who had no qualms about having the tiny creatures crawl around her foot, recently underwent 'maggot therapy' at Sandwell General Hospital.
Sportsman AC anglers completed the frame, Mal Galliers followed with 4-9-6 of bream taken on poled maggot at peg 12, pipping match organiser Dave Arnold into third on peg 10 where he poled maggot for 4-8-4 of bream and perch.
Keywords: biomass maggot, Maggots size, earthworms, substrate, chemical composition.
A YOUNG family is being forced to live with a sickening maggot infestation despite FIVE visits from housing bosses who have failed to solve the problem.
For the last three years, people living in George Cross Court, on Park Road, say they have been the victim of a maggot infestation every summer - with hundreds of larvae crawling from the skirting boards every day.
Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) is an ancient wound care practice enjoying renewed popularity due to the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant organisms.
It was pasta me, for my friend a side of customer "I felt something on my head and found a maggot. But I brushed it off at first and presumed it must have been a caterpillar that had fallen on me while I was walking to the restaurant.
Although the adult flies are an unpleasant nuisance, it is the maggot stages that pose the greatest risk to animals.
Maggot therapy (sometimes called larval therapy) is the application of live fly larvae to wounds in order to aid in wound debridement (cleaning), disinfection and/or healing.
A BIRDWATCHER returned from holiday to discover a flesh-eating maggot growing inside her foot.