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the larva of the housefly and blowfly commonly found in decaying organic matter

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According to the Telegraph's report, one woman found her swimsuit was full of maggots after swimming in the rock pool, prior to its temporary closure.
When asked their thoughts about using maggot therapy, close to one in 10 respondents said they would prefer to have a limb amputated than try treatment with maggots.
A YOUNG family is being forced to live with a sickening maggot infestation despite FIVE visits from housing bosses who have failed to solve the problem.
For the last three years, people living in George Cross Court, on Park Road, say they have been the victim of a maggot infestation every summer - with hundreds of larvae crawling from the skirting boards every day.
Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) is an ancient wound care practice enjoying renewed popularity due to the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant organisms.
It was pasta me, for my friend a side of customer "I felt something on my head and found a maggot.
Although the adult flies are an unpleasant nuisance, it is the maggot stages that pose the greatest risk to animals.
A BIRDWATCHER returned from holiday to discover a flesh-eating maggot growing inside her foot.
At least the apple wasn't overdosed with pesticides, much more of a risk to health than the odd maggot.
As part of Caerphilly Round Table's "Fiesta Weekend" (May 23 to 24, 1970) a Loch Moat Maggot surfaced from the moat and scrambled on to the back of the lorry to join a carnival procession which toured around the town collecting for charity.
Following a challenging maggot clearing exercise in the operating theatre and subsequently in the intensive care unit, where they crawled out of his nose and mouth, the man was cleaned up and his injuries treated.
Authorities--maybe a Maggot Emergency Management Team?
Washington, Feb 05 (ANI): A new research has shown that bacteria that infect chronic wounds can be deadly to maggot 'biosurgeons' used to treat the lesions.
FAMILIES with bins collected fortnightly were told their maggot problem is not a "health hazard".
We believe that maggot therapy can potentially save the NHS a great deal of cash by cutting the length of hospital stays, and substantially reducing the number of expensive dressings used.