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a member of the Sicilian Mafia

a member of the Mafia crime syndicate in the United States

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Llegando al bano se le acerca un policia federal al mafioso y le pone la pistola en el pecho, pero el mafioso saca su pistola y le dispara al federal; le da un tiro y lo mata.
Per molto tempo la percezione, nonche l'interpretazione del fenomeno mafioso sono state influenzate dalla non visibilita delle donne in tale ambiente.
La senora del primer piso, del segundo y del cuarto, se encontraban con el mafioso en la escalera por las noches sin escolta, eso es valor civil.
The most famous example is Mafioso (1962) by Alberto Lattuada starring popular actor Alberto Sordi.
Still, no wonder Ward was drawn to Fox's and mafioso mascot Vinnie the Panda.
The stitched grosgrain headband is old school mafioso style.
Prosecuting CIA Mafioso just doesn't excite Holder.
Apart from him, the most significant Mafioso turned pentito was Tommasso Buscetta in the 1980s.
From the humble beginnings of bottom-rung Mafioso to Crazy Joes rise as an anti-hero of legendary proportions and up to and following Joeys inevitable murder The Mad Ones brims with dialogue and imagery.
The author found the mafioso to be very cooperative and was able to explore "sentire mafioso," the emotions and belief systems behind this lifestyle, and link it to the writings of Pirandello, Verga, De Roberto and Sciascia.
Wanting a nice peaceful life like anyone else, he finds his life on a collision course with the infamous Mafioso family of the Harrises, notorious for their violent tendencies.
Breslin's career as a New York City reporter allowed him to get to know assorted Mafioso, all of whom enjoyed seeing their names in the paper.
If you go to Mafioso to enjoy the huge comic gifts of Italian actor Alberto Sordi (remembered from Federico Fellini's "I Vitelloni" and "To Bed or Not to Bed"), this reissue of Alberto Lattuada's 1962 success will feel like being hit by a pitcher full of ice water.
It smacks of a Mafioso Max Payne, without the cool bullet time.
ONE minute he was minister responsible for the education of Ulster's schoolchildren, the next he's sounding like a sinister Mafioso making an offer to the McCartney family they can't refuse.