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an unnaturally frenzied or distraught woman

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(Greek mythology) a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus

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There are the chorus, women Maenads, who have been initiated into his rites, and so do not resist him.
Representation of Maenads on Archaic Red-Figure Vases," JHS 80, 7887.
Apart from goddess Tyche, researchers also found a wonderfully etched relief of a maenad, one of a group of female followers of Dionysus, the god of wine on a bone plate.
1) The relief of a revealingly clad maenad who holds a dagger above her head and a butchered animal behind her was the most copied Greek-style work after Polykleitos's Spearbearer.
Unlike these mad men seduced into gross excess by the poisonous gases, Asia inhales the dangerous vapor without becoming a Maenad.
Finally, on the front view of the 5000 Denari banknote we can identify the Tetovo Maenad of the VI century B.
As Isobel Hurst astutely remarks, Xantippe here symbolically assumes the role of maenad, a figure that had contemporary as well as classical associations since French female revolutionaries and contemporary "wild women" were termed maenads for their "unnatural" violence and aggression.
There were we all together, an' I saw in Aunty Ailsa the look of a maenad, that she would have torn the flesh from the warm beast with her own teeth.
Bell, 52, identifies a Wolffian model of enthusiasm in Agathon, whereby in enthusiasm the imagination detaches itself from the senses; he cites the maenad episode specifically.
He is accompanied by a satyr with double pipes and a maenad who leads the way with torches.
Xouthos admits that he once had an inebriated onenight stand with a Delphic maenad (545-53); moreover, the putative date of conception would not be inconsistent with Ion's present age.
She established a strong presence in the Limon repertoire, where she was unforgettable as Maenad in Dances for Isadora and in A Choreographic Offering.
A striking figure with her aureole of sun-drenched hair and a deep, sibylline gaze, Lydia awakened the poet in Viacheslav and he, in turn, awakened the slumbering Maenad within her.
Spit, too, bons mots--mots Ward's tangled," Deza maenad Sahra conned.
The She-Wolf is called that by the village women because, a kind of maenad with her "arrogant breasts," coal-black eyes, and red lips, always roaming about, she has devoured "all their sons and husbands" and even the village priest, insatiably.