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corals having calcareous skeletons aggregations of which form reefs and islands

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17) Charles Kingsley's Alton Locke dreams that he "was at the lowest point of created life; a madrepore rooted to the rock, fathoms below the tide-mark .
The upper stratum consists of upright forms that grow mainly vertically, such as octocorallians (alcyonarians, stoloniferans, and gorgonians), antipatharian corals, some zooantharids and madrepores, and some arborescent sponges.
The madrepore is a particularly telling figure to use here.
198 Black-band disease is a consequence of eutrophication of the waters of madrepore reefs.
the box, gazing down upon the nameless, collective madrepores of
El 12 de noviembre de 1756 envio a Marsella una caja grande con madrepores, conchas y semillas frescas desde St.
n'est, je crois, partagee pleinement de temps e autre que par les bouquets absolus offerts du fonds des mers par les alcyonaires madrepores.