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a patch of skin that is discolored but not usually elevated

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It clinically presents with oval to round, gray, blue, or brown macules of various sizes.
Among these, the most commonly observed lesions are hypomelanotic macules with different sizes, which are generally oval in shape and frequently observed on the trunk and extremities.
Clinically, it appears as an irregular grey to black macule.
2] of bluish white hair-like scales; vague pale blue macule in Sc+[R.
On physical examination, he had microcephaly, mild dysmorphic features like hypertelorism, retrognatia and antevert ears, unilateral bifid thumb, cryptorchidism and hypopigmented macule.
There was a hypopigmented macule with loss of hair in the background of the erosion (Figure 1).
These reports suggest that, "when evaluating a lesion of unknown history, an 8-mm lightly pigmented macule with symmetric variation in pigmentation--two of the four current ABCD features--is of less concern than a 3-mm, circular, evenly pigmented black macule or papule with none of the four current ABCD criteria," Dr.
A white macule which may be slightly raised in parts, the edges often purple, hair growth and sweating are lost in the lesion.
It typically starts with an erythematous or purpuric macule and rapidly develops into a hemorrhagic bulla or pustule surrounded by a narrow pink to violaceous halo.
Skin lesions were examined dermoscopically (magnification x40) and showed a microulceration or vesicle in the center of the macule.
3) A white forelock arising from a triangular, elongated, or diamond-shaped midline or depigmented macule on the forehead may be the only manifestation in 80% to 90% of cases.
A 7x2 cm hypo-pigmented macule present on left arm suggestive of ash leaf macule [Fig 2], Shagreen patch on right lower back [Fig 3].
On examination, child had Adenoma Sebaceum, Ash leaf macule (Fig.