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To that end, SCC has planned a CEP workshop that will trace recent trends in the uses of macromolecules by examination of patent filings, supplier offerings and recently introduced finished goods.
The majority of light-gathering macromolecules are composed of chromophores (responsible for the colour of molecules) attached to proteins, which carry out the first step of photosynthesis, capturing sunlight and transferring the associated energy highly efficiently.
4 ( ANI ): A precisely designed macromolecule that is capable of mimicking the binding of HIV to immune system cells could be used to stop HIV virus from physically entering the body.
A fully functioning macromolecule editor that enables the drawing of macromolecules and generation of HELM notation.
This is a kit containing an inquiry lab that teaches macromolecules and applies it to enzymes.
Our work provides a new solution to one of the key challenges in the use of macromolecules as research tools or human therapeutics: how to rapidly generate proteins or nucleic acids with desired properties.
Content will cover such topics as cloning, design of proteins, genomics, bioelectronics, bioinformatics, self-assembly of macromolecules, and cell imaging, An annual subscription costs $300 for individuals and $575 for institutions.
Folding and Self-Assembly of Biological Macromolecules E.
Le Prix des sciences et de l'ingenierie des macromolecules est decerne a une personne qui s'est distinguee dans le domaine des sciences ou de l'ingenierie des macromolecules.
Anionic polymerization techniques have traditionally been employed in the synthesis of polymeric materials macromolecules with controlled molecular weights and tailored chemical compositions.
Even better, suggests Kouwenhoven, would be to develop macromolecules that incorporate all the needed circuit elements--transistors, resistors, and capacitors--as do today's integrated circuits.
A manuscript describing optimization of the method has been accepted by Macromolecules.
Currently, when performed on earth, macromolecule crystallization is a labor-intensive, lengthy process that requires significant consumption of expensive macromolecules and reagents.
The three-dimensional structures of proteins and other biological macromolecules contained in the PDB hold significant promise for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the search for new drugs with few or no side effects and the effort to understand the mystery of human disease.