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By using different sugars attached to the macromolecule in solution, the scientists were able to investigate which sugar molecules were the most effective in inhibiting the potential binding of the virus.
By signposting HELM as the standard of choice for the exchange of macromolecule information in an increasingly externalized R&D environment, and by providing effective tools for groups to work with that standard, the Pistoia Alliance makes another contribution to lowering the barriers to innovation in life science R&D.
Inquiries in Science Series: Synthesizing Macromolecules (Carolina Biological Supply, $199.
Anionic polymerization techniques have traditionally been employed in the synthesis of polymeric materials macromolecules with controlled molecular weights and tailored chemical compositions.
Currently, when performed on earth, macromolecule crystallization is a labor-intensive, lengthy process that requires significant consumption of expensive macromolecules and reagents.
This technique has been used to produce a variety of structures, including simple multi-arm star macromolecules with arms of identical chain length and composition (refs.
Ladner (1992-present) Protein crystallography, structural biology, biological macromolecule crystallization database.
The interaction of ions with less polar sites on the macromolecule (e.
In addition to crystallographic studies, structural biology database activities began with the formal establishment of the Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database in 1989.
The pseudo-living concept allows reducing the polydispersity index and the molecular weight, while the controlled branching concept allows increasing the molecular weight, the polydispersity index and the number of iodine-chain ends per macromolecule.
They depict the macromolecule in a melt as a backbone with multiple branches emerging from each end of the backbone.
Macromolecule Metal Complexes: Ligand Field Stabilization and Glass Transition Temperature Enhancement.
This conference is an annual partnering forum that pairs big pharma and its small molecule heritage with the burgeoning macromolecule product lines that is being developed by antibody companies and others that develop macromolecule oncology & antibody therapeutics.