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an abnormally large head

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Prenatal diagnosis and molecular analysis of triploidy in a fetus with intrauterine growth restriction, relative macrocephaly and holoprosencephaly.
Macrocephaly in bull spermatozoa is associated with nuclear vacuoles; diploidy and alteration of chromatin condensation.
Hydrocephalus comes first among DWM's typical clinical symptoms and because of it, macrocephaly, eye findings such as horizontal and lateral gaze palsy, nystagmus, strabismus, and irritability and vomiting due to increased intracranial pressure might be observed in childhood.
Macrocephaly, bitemporal flattening, frontal prominence, high arched eyebrows, hypertelorism, broad nasal bridge, highly arched palate, and dental deformations were present (Picture 1).
Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) is characterized by multiple jaw keratocysts, basal cell carcinomas, macrocephaly, facial milia, skeletal anomalies, and ectopic calcification of the falx.
Minor disease features such as short stature and macrocephaly were observed in 1 patient, learning disability was found in 4 patients.
Patients present during the first few months of life with fractures, osteomyelitis, macrocephaly, frontal bossing, short stature (due to impaired longitudinal bone growth), and nasal stuffiness due to mastoid and paranasal sinus malformations (4).
Of the four alleged microcephaly cases recorded upon admission in February, two were actually macrocephaly, which refers to an overly large head among infants, potentially due to hydrocephalus, she said.
While these infections are rare, they should be included in the differential diagnosis for infants with a prolonged febrile illness and macrocephaly, especially those born prematurely.
A comparison of the clinical features of the two probands with those reported in the literature [1] Clinical features Proband B Proband S Macrosomia Yes No Macrocephaly Yes Yes Hypertelorism, epicanthic folds, Yes Yes downslanted palpebral fissures Redundant skin over glabella No No Macrostomia Yes Yes Macroglossia Yes Yes Midline groove lower lip or tongue Yes Yes Cleft lip or palate or high, narrow palate No No Macrognathia Yes No Congenital heart disease Yes Yes Conduction defects No No Diastasis recti/umbilical hernia No No Diaphragmatic hernia No No Renal dysplasia/nephromegaly Yes No Cryptorchidism/hypospadias Yes No Hand anomalies No Yes Rib anomalies Yes Yes Table 2.
Indeed, one feature of this type of dwarfism are short limbs; however, the clinical feature of macrocephaly, or moderately disproportionate size of the head relative to the body, is not specified.
Physical characteristics include macrocephaly, (3,6) hyperteolirsm, strabismus, prognathism, (3) large prominent ears, and postpubertal marcroorchidism.
5] Bone mass increase results in phenotypic structures such as macrocephaly and frontal bossing.
In another recent study (19), in severe congenital hydrocephalus and hydranencephaly, CPC stabilizes macrocephaly in approximately 40% of infants with and can be considered as an alternative to VPS placement.