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Synonyms for macrocephalic

having an exceptionally large head and brain

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On exam, the patient was developmentally delayed for her age, and her head circumference was 56.4 cm, which is macrocephalic for age (98th percentile for head circumference in a 9-year-old girl is 55 cm) [10].
Sarah told the charity that Craig, who is dad to seven-year-old Charlie and Jack, four, has to show "extreme levels of patience" and "makes every sacrifice possible - physical, mental, emotional and sacrifices of his time" for little Charlie, who has macrocephalic autism.
She was macrocephalic with a head circumference of 44.5 cm (93rd percentile, uncorrected for gestational age).
Her general status was moderate, she was macrocephalic, her anterior fontanelle was open and she had a meningomyelocele operation scar on the sacral region and an operation scar on the abdomen.
Miniscalco, "Pre-school children with autism spectrum disorders are rarely macrocephalic. A population study".