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having an exceptionally large head and brain

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Years earlier in another discarded passage from the manuscript of the 1881 novel, Augusto Miquis offers a similar solution for another unusual character, the macrocephalic Riquin: "Pero si viviera [Riquin], yo le dije a Isidora que cuando se vea pobre, lo que no es cosa imposible ni mucho menos, con ensenar a su hijo en las ferias, podria salir de apuros" (ms.
This is the same narrator who professes to have been an inarticulate fool with unsophisticated reading habits, yet 20 years later, he uses words like macrocephalic, amnestic, and physiognomic.
Among their topics are the development and maturation of human germ cells and disorders of those processes in childhood, capacitation and acrosome reaction, the clinical management of men with macrocephalic sperm head syndrome, sperm-induced oocyte activation, concern and possible seminal quality decline in the world's male population, suggestions from the fruit fly on whether the heterochromatic component of the human Y chromosome is a genetic wasteland or something more, heavy metal contamination and male reproductive health, and spermatozoa in zero-gravity.