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Synonyms for macro

a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language

very large in scale or scope or capability

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In Boeing's Manufacturing R&D department, Sid Venkatesh has developed a macro for creating shims--fillers that are placed between a part and the machine tool fixture to fill the variance.
Make certain that you have the Macro virus protection turned on in your copy of Word 97.
The beauty of high-end word processors is that they come with a variety of ready-made templates and macros, some of them specifically legal.
When a macro is run, it is read cell by cell, down the column until a blank cell, a cell containing a numeric value, or the macro command QUIT is encountered.
For illustration purposes, the macro code used to build the custom menu will be placed right below the worksheet.
In the {FOR} macro statement, the location of the counter must be specified.
The book examines different strategies within the global macro sector, focusing on their unique risk-return characteristics and their role and place in an institutional portfolio.
Commenting on his new role, Kashif Nesar said: This is a fantastic opportunity and I am excited to be working with the Macro leadership team to expand our service offering, with a focus on energy cost reductions.
However, considering the ambiguity of interpretations to the technical words commonly used in this topic, we will take a short glance to the "starting point," where the genre of macro photography is anchored.
Macro looks forward to many more years of creating Macro Impact in partnership with ITN.
When using the dropdown list to add an Action to your macro, there are some Actions that you may have used in Access 2003, such as Set Warnings, that aren't shown in the dropdown list in Access 2007.
Monitoring blown and cast film lines with multiple video cameras is a cost-effective troubleshooting and supervisory technique, according to Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.
1 of Macro Scheduler, its popular Windows automation solution for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.
5, its email security, content checking and anti-virus gateway, is designed to guard email servers from present and future macro viruses and HTML viruses.