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Synonyms for macro

a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language

very large in scale or scope or capability

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The new Canon Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash inherits the ease of use and operability of Canons latest Speedlite EX series flashes and increased brightness of the focusing lamp compared to previous Canon Macro-Twin Lites.
Macro will also introduce Concept Evolution, its computer aided facilities management (CAFM) software, as part of the managed service contract.
When not doing macro works, use macro lens as you are using a standard lens.
Recent articles about the Dridex botnet and the Adnel and Tarbir malware have reported resurgence in malware embedded as macros within Microsoft Office Documents.
And indeed this book will be of tremendous value to direct practice and macro-practice social work students, professional social workers, and academics teaching macro practice.
Banco Macro SA is a universal bank, focusing on individuals in low-and middle-income and small and medium enterprises.
For more information on Macro Sensors in-stock LVDT linear position sensors, please refer to the web site and look for products identified with the “In Stock” icon or contact the factory at sales@macrosensors.
While the macro recorder is running, access the Page Setup dialog.
In addition to normal macro functions, like moving the mouse cursor or entering text or opening application windows, Macro Scheduler also offers embedded Visual Basic Script.
If you know Visual Basic, the macro software, you can write the script yourself, but it's a lot easier to let Excel do it for you.
We should be careful to separate micro success from macro sclerosis, and vice versa.
0, a Windows keyboard macro program that's loaded with features, powerful, and extremely easy to use.
At Command Tooling Systems, Ramsey, MN, Lyle Isaacson, NC programmer, has built a macro to automate the CNC programming of collet holders.
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