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machines or machine systems collectively

a system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions

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Annie had but given the slightest possible touch, with the point of a needle, to the same minute portion of complicated machinery which has been more than once mentioned, when the artist seized her by the wrist with a force that made her scream aloud.
Raising the instrument with which he was about to begin his work, he let it fall upon the little system of machinery that had, anew, cost him months of thought and toil.
In his idle and dreamy days he had considered it possible, in a certain sense, to spiritualize machinery, and to combine with the new species of life and motion thus produced a beauty that should attain to the ideal which Nature has proposed to herself in all her creatures, but has never taken pains to realize.
Therefore, against your strength the government will turn the regular army, the navy, the militia, the police--in short, the whole organized war machinery of the United States.
Textile machinery is used to produce yarns, fabrics, and threads and in the finishing processes of the textile industry.
In 2013, the top five rubber machinery enterprises in China by the revenue from rubber machinery business were: Mesnac, Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group, Tianjin Saixiang Technology and Guilin Rubber Machinery.
Hygiene converters commonly face the challenge of finding machinery and parts manufacturers that offer high technical expertise, customization, customer-centered solutions, strong after-sale service, consultancy, and cost effectiveness.
Providing electrical mechanical accessories with installation, commissioning and trial run of auto cum manual control panel and pumping machinery at OHR Zone No.
Less import of machinery is not a good sign for national economy and can cause serious results.
The second place went to the sector of plastic and rubber processing machinery with US$1.
Exports of packaging machinery surpassed the $1 billion mark for the third consecutive year with $1.
As a leading supplier and purchaser of pre-owned and refurbished food machinery worldwide, the site has been created with Boyd Food Machinery's large international client base in mind and most sections of the site are currently available in 6 languages.
In addition to Sierra International Machinery, the Sacco family owns and operates Sierra Recycling & Demolition.
Times have changed and industries have evolved throughout the 20th century so that boiler and machinery insurance covers far more than steam boilers.