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a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends

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Archetypal machine politician Tom Pendergast, who ran Kansas City with a proverbial iron hand, aided Harry Truman's political rise at virtually every step.
But Levine also sees Vargas's second regime as doomed from the start; the brilliant machine politician might play the game of electoral mobilization, but it was a dangerous game for which he was ultimately ill-suited.
The successful machine politician also made sure that the city, or his piece of it, functioned well enough so that voters saw tangible results.
Why should progressives be excited about the gubernatorial candidacy of a machine politician from the New York City borough of Queens?
Reluctant to become a traditional machine politician, Marina brings sensitivity and ordinariness to the elitism and corruption of Brazilian public life.
If that means my being a machine politician, that's just fine.'
And for all those who have tried over the years to portray him as a Lanarkshire hard man and a machine politician there was some food for thought when he told of his personal anguish as his nephew fought for his life after a road accident during the election campaign.
Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper columnist Richard McCord described Serna as "an old-fashioned machine politician" who had "repeatedly demonstrated that his idea of public service is to use his office to do favors for friends and family, and for the organizations he is supposed to regulate." But what rankled the Greens most was the prevalent belief that Serna would serve in Congress as just another "Bill Clinton Democrat."
Like many in the upper reaches of the Labour Party, Mr Miliband has in the past come across as something of a machine politician - a man whose career progressed seamlessly from university to researcher to special adviser to MP to Cabinet minister and finally to the party leadership without the intervention of anything resembling real life.
He is the antithesis of a technocratic, machine politician of the kind many people now have an aversion to.
According to Mr Cameron, Mr Brown was to be a disaster as Prime Minister, a machine politician unable to connect with people in a TV age when the character and emotions of leaders are scrutinised as never before.
I am sure Mrs McGuire, above, is an able party machine politician who will no doubt assist Mrs Liddell in her attempt to interfere in next year's Scottish elections.
To them, Currie was a "sellout" for taking the appointment from the hated machine politician Madigan.
Plan A was to expose Brown as a grumpy machine politician during a bloody leadership election against David Miliband, John Reid or even Alan Milburn.