machine language

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Synonyms for machine language

a programming language designed for use on a specific class of computers

a set of instructions coded so that the computer can use it directly without further translation


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This is about the only place in modern life where the actual raw machine language of a computer so blatantly bares its inner secrets.
The code must be translated into machine language before it can be put into the computer and get the results that are wanted.
Team 1st Place Winners: Visual Machine Language Simulator.
The main program for the Tattletale was written in Tattletale BASIC for setting the real time clock, clearing the data memory, calling the data acquisition loop machine language subroutine, and measuring the clock speed.
The last step is to click on the Compile button and convert the post processor to machine language for faster code output.
It included such topics as the use of standard software applications, a basic exposure to machine language programming, and desktop publishing.
An even bigger challenge not identified, though recognized by Bill Gates in his recent commentary at the Executives' Club of Chicago, is the need for machine language acquisition if the industry is ever to achieve the full benefits of clinical computing.
MIPS," million instructions per second, refers to the average number of machine language instructions that a computer can perform in 1 sec.
It must be converted into machine language first by an assembler, a compiler, or an interpreter.
Digiedit is a text editor for writing a parts program at an office desk with a file system at disposal where part programs in machine language are stored for ready use.
The commands within the spreadsheet are used by the program in machine language and translated into English or French with equal ease for viewing.
2]FP) converts CAD drawings of parts into digital machine language.
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