machine gunner

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a serviceman in the artillery

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That effectively makes the robot a sniper or a machine gunner.
Gunner's glory; untold stories of Marine machine gunners.
As the jeep slowly moved over the rocky road to the ambush site, a machine gunner on the ridge suddenly opened fire at the vehicle.
Galway man Michael Coyne, who emigrated to Chicago in 1967 and who now lives in Co Meath, served as a machine gunner in American M48 tanks that criss-crossed the Ho Chi Minh trail.
Marines, he went to boot camp at Parris Island, in South Carolina, and served as an infantry machine gunner overseas in Asia and Central America for three years.
Maintaining that he was a highly decorated machine gunner with the 7th Cavalry and an ex-POW to boot, he was in fact a mechanic with the 27th Ordnance Company stationed 18 miles behind the front lines at the time of the alleged incident.
We just annihilated them," said one former machine gunner, Norman Tinkler of Glasco, Kansas.
Said Jamie King, "As the proud son of an Army machine gunner who was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star, I understand what sacrifice and heroism are all about.
1917 : It was reported that 30-year-old machine gunner Pte George Sykes, of North End Farm, Moor Lane, Netherton, had been killed in action.
Last night it was reported that the same sharpshooter killed a Taliban machine gunner from 1,465 yards on his first tour of duty.
LIFE in the trenches was tough, but machine gunner Harry Foulger still found time to send romantic tokens home to his sweetheart.
Drummer Rigby served in Afghanistan as a machine gunner and was attached to the regimental recruiting team when he was killed.
native, distinguished himself through superior performance as a machine gunner.
That is something every machine gunner should not do.