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a set of instructions coded so that the computer can use it directly without further translation

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Our approach uses ILP of machine code and DOACROSS loop parallelism without aforementioned overhead.
For example, C# based Android apps developed with Unity contain Dalvik bytecode in * .dex files, .NET framework CIL code in DLL files and machine code in * .so files.
For this you will need an Assembler, a piece of software that converts assembly code to machine code. A popular assembler is the Netwise Assembler (NASM) that can run on Windows, OSX or Linux.
This method is based on static analysis of programs, used machine code and Application Program Interface call sequence.
Although the computer used was regarded as a state-of-the-art machine, it was of almost unbelievably small capacity by modern standards (4kHz clock frequency and 27kbyte memory), but this had the advantage of requiring great skill to drive it efficiently and hence it was both possible and desirable to drive it at the lowest level of "machine code", which is the most basic level of programming of bits in the electronic circuits.
From ancient Greek to machine code, the technology of meaning is subverted as the text becomes a series of signifiers that only a machine can read.
Although such statements are common inside the computer's machine code, computer scientists have tried for more than 40 years to avoid using "goto" statements in programs that they write in so-called "high-level language." Java (designed in the early 1990s) doesn't have a "goto" statement, but C (designed in the early 1970s) does.
- Object code verification to ensure that no additional code has introduced errant or unexpected behavior in the machine code and that all code has been tested.
"You can compile your stored procedures and run them as native machine code," Leland said.
However, the real Agnes wrestled with Japan's red machine code in 1926 (not in 1935, as the movie has it).
Mark Two converts the customer's product geometry into CNC machine code utilizing various computer automated manufacturing software programs.
Other papers discuss such matters as using multipartite graphs for recommendation and discovery, a reusable state machine code generator, building astronomical databases with Saada, and algorithms and architectures for astronomical data compression.
The .text section is not inspected by the network disassembly engine, since it contains valid machine code and it always trigger an alert (a false positive if it is a normal binary).