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The production was more farcical than Nozze usually plays, partly because Tyler Fitzgerald's Count was an ineffectual machinator, enlivening the plot with a range of comic touches that emphasized the character's weaknesses more than his power.
In a highly charged conversation with Arthur, she brands M'Kewn the boy's "evil spirit," calls him a "vile devil of a Scotchman," and concludes with scorning him as an "evil-minded wretch," "serpent," and "evil genius"--all epithets which target his diabolic nature, and which serve to transplant the recurrent behind-the-scenes Gothic machinator to American areas, where anti-British sentiments naturally ran high at the time.
IV,6,1 (SC 377, 62): "Deus igitur machinator constitutorque rerum .
Diane de Poitiers as patron, court favorite, and political machinator metamorphoses into Diana, mythical huntress.
The mayor's young son is murdered, and even he, a persistent optimist and crafty political machinator, must confront the cynical disillusion that is the spirit of the times.