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a projecting parapet supported by corbels on a medieval castle

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Were the battlements and machicolations there merely for show?
Building activities followed a design prototype of a series of fortified structures one above the other, providing successive lines of retreat, and protected by curtain walls with battlements, bastions, and a number of gates with machicolations on the main access route.
The Hollar drawings, in so far as digital enhacements permit any conclusion, suggest letterbox gunports and a distinctly heavier parapet, possibly with machicolations. The tower's profile is clearly trapezoidal here, with inward-sloping sides rising from bedrock and no trace of the Civitates pediment.
It is a grim fortress complete with large towers, portcullis, chemin de ronde (an enclosed wall-walk), machicolations and a moat, but it was never finished for it became obsolete as it was being built.
A long list of items could be extracted from Houseboat Days to match de Chirico's favorite iconographic choices: towers, trains, stations, clocks, statues and pedestals, plazas, shadows, arches, maps, spires, machicolations, flagpoles, battlements, etc.
With its huge, menacing tower, watchbox, and multiple tiers of battlements (replete with arrow loops and machicolations concentrated over entrances), the building is fiercely defensive in look and capability, and it could as easily -- perhaps more easily -- be called a fortress.
As I look through the wall's machicolations, the municipal efforts to beautify the Old City's immediate environs are evident.