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Synonyms for maceration

softening due to soaking or steeping

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extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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Skin maceration begins, followed by progressive bloating and discoloration.
One of these techniques is the NaOH maceration introduced by Ohtani (1992).
In optimizing the procedure, we addressed the limiting issues of tissue maceration and DNA quality.
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects and acute toxicity of aqueous infusion and ethanolic maceration extracts of the aerial parts of Zhumeria majdae were studied in mice and rats.
Our newly acquired Boston Shearpump product line is a powerful extension of our inline sanitary mixing capabilities providing superior wet milling, maceration and homogenizing beyond competitive inline mixers.
The large pips add tannins that benefit the grape through long maceration and even longer aging, and the thick skins add a depth of color for which the wine is known.
The wines are crushed and fermented in small lots, the company says, and are made using the techniques of cluster pressing, extended maceration, barrel fermentation, malolactic fermentation in barrels, and lees stirring, depending on the varietal.
Follicles that were isolated from ripe ovaries by such maceration techniques were rapidly washed once with filtered seawater (SW) and subsequently kept at 12 [degrees]- 16 [degrees] C.
To research her role, Miller spent time with real evolutionary biologists and found out all about the gruesome methods they use, such as maceration tanks, where special beetles are used to strip flesh from bones.
The properties of the Medical Tape Strips allow high moisture and oxygen transmission, which contribute to long-term wear and minimize skin maceration.
Petite Pearl also can be made into a variety of styles, Piocher said in his presentation--fruity dry reds with shorter maceration; elemental-style dry reds with long maceration (less fruit, more spice and mushroom); a rose with great color, fruit and body.
The respective extracts were prepared by maceration procedure due its cost effectiveness and good extract yield in comparison to other techniques.
Sarita (2006) felt, ultrasonography was useful in diagnosing foetal viability, obstetrical cases like dropsy, foetal mummification, maceration etc in sheep and goat.
What seems on the surface as a nice Chilean pinot is actually a real wild child of a wine, due in no small part to up to six days' cold soak - cold soaking or cold maceration is a way to extract flavour and colour but not necessarily tannins from the grape skins and as is done chilled as this halts fermentation.