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Synonyms for maceration

softening due to soaking or steeping

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extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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After maceration, 70mg of powdered tissue from each sample was mixed with 800 [micro]L of pre warmed extraction buffer, vigorously homogenized and kept under water bath at 65[degrees]C during 60min.
A more serious problem is skin maceration. In more severe instances (chronic wound care), waterlogged skin surrounding the ulcer can break down, lose structure and then strip away.
The pathogenesis of nonspecific inflammation involves a maceration of the meatal skin (as a result of mechanical or chemical damage), allergy, or diabetes.
"The Boston Shearpump is an excellent extension of our in-line sanitary mixing capabilities, providing superior wet milling, maceration and homogenizing capabilities beyond competitive in-line mixers," says Beaudette.
This example from the Cave Co-operative, is made from hand-harvested grapes with the fruitiness enhanced by the technique of Maceration Carbonique.
The time of maceration and the type of fining agent used could preserve the antioxidants.
In the manufacturing of CTC tea, it is extremely important to get the best maceration from the CTC rollers.
Once dry, the wine then goes through an extended thermal maceration in which the must is kept at 86[degrees]F until it's ready to be drained and pressed.
Treatment with [PGF.sub.2][alpha] in present case might have resulted in maceration of mummified foetus and thus it was stucked at internal os of cervix.
What seems on the surface as a nice Chilean pinot is actually a real wild child of a wine, due in no small part to up to six days' cold soak - cold soaking or cold maceration is a way to extract flavour and colour but not necessarily tannins from the grape skins and as is done chilled as this halts fermentation.
If tine dressing is a dry dressing and does not promote a moist wound healing environment die antimicrobials will not be effective, so a dressing that maintains a moist environment to ensure the optimal conditions, while still maintaining breathability to avoid any potential for maceration of the wound site should be considered.
The properties of the Medical Tape Strips allow high moisture and oxygen transmission, which contribute to long-term wear and minimize skin maceration.
I TOOK a dive into Tesco and was pleased to find that the gold medal Cave de Roquebrun, Roches Noires, Maceration, St Chinian is on offer at pounds 5.95, down from pounds 7.89.
Prior to the upgrade, Anglian Water had relied upon maceration and this lacked the required performance, for example, falling short of the flow targets required for the transfer process.
To assess the baseline meniscal status of the knees included in the analysis, two musculoskeletal radiologists who were blinded to the case-control status of the knees reviewed coronal and sagittal fast-spin echo MRI images and evaluated each for meniscal damage using a collapsed scale, whereby knees with no meniscal damage were graded as 0, those with a minor tear were considered grade 1, and those with a nondisplaced tear, displaced tear, maceration, or destruction were considered grade 2.