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Synonyms for macebearer

an official who carries a mace of office


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"The attendants participate in the arrangements for major civic functions, including acting as macebearer and toastmaster.
After retiring from the police, Harry became the Mayor's macebearer when Huddersfield Borough Council became Kirklees in 1974.
In my role as the Lord Mayor's Macebearer Attendant, I had the honour and privilege to attend the Queen Mum on several occasions.
/Therefore, archers, crossbowmen, halberdiers of knightly rank,/Scythemen and macebearers from all walks of life, /Remember always the Lord benevolent./Do not fear your enemies, nor gaze upon their number,/Keep the Lord in your hearts; for Him fight on,/And before enemies you need not flee./Since ages past Czechs have said and had proverbs which state,/That if the leader is good, so too is the journey./Remember all of you the password which was given out./Obey your captains and guard one another./Stay sharp and everyone keep formation./You beggars and wrongdoers, remember your soul!/For greed and theft don't lose your life./And pay no heed to the spoils of war!
Singing began outside, and the procession, led by twelve macebearers and the cardinals, began at 9:45.
Senior beadle Mr Peter Nendick, aged 50, who has served 14 Lord Mayors of Hull and last year became the youngest person to be appointed Prime Warden for the Guild of Macebearers, will face a string of allegations at a disciplinary hearing next month.