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long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America

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We confirmed Scarlet Macaw activity for each cavity with: a) evidence of feathers or eggshells on the ground underneath the cavity, b) observation of Scarlet Macaws entering or exiting the cavity, or c) testaments from reliable local sources.
This is an exhibition about the parrot in art, but for good measure there are some natural-history illustrations, including Edward Lear's graceful Blue and Yellow Macaw and a number of Elizabeth Butterworth's superb studies, showing images of entire birds combined with heads, wings, and individual feathers on single sheets.
They note how much time the mother macaw spends with her chicks, how often she feeds them, how often the chicks fight with each other, and how much food each chick gets.
Besides employing the objective format of the timeline, Hakansson also included four bulletin boards covered with sheets of often emotionally charged web chatter, in several languages, bemoaning the fate of the macaw.
Look around, though, and the birds are all caged - something like 65 pairs of them in all, beautiful breeding pairs of scarlet macaws, military macaws, African gray parrots and rose-breasted cockatoos, housed in wire cages arranged in clusters spread out beneath the trees.
Goldie can rely on a warm welcome at Ayr because Macaw is part-owned by Ayr racecourse chairman Stuart Morrison.
According to police investigations, the suspect imported the macaws legally for breeding purposes.
Like Blue Macaw, it is a critical step toward factory-direct purchase.
The Spix macaw, the world's rarest wild bird, is the most extreme example of the consequences of animal trafficking, a worldwide business that is second only to drugs and arms in illegal commerce.
The magnificent pounds 2,000 South American macaw kicked up such a squawk and bit back so aggressively when the thieves tried to snatch him from his cage that they fled with nothing more than badly cut hands.
New buyers will also join Punta Leona's existing residents - brilliantly colored scarlet macaw parrots and white-faced monkeys, which are two of the common animals protected on the resort property.
You want to make your macaw look feathery, not smooth.
Abstract: An adult male blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna) was presented for evaluation of a right periorbital mass.
The Middlesbrough-based firm has landed work with Wilton Group and MACAW Engineering, and expects to create two jobs.
Chimps, left, |enjoy the sweet treats while blue and gold macaw Charlie, far left, and black and white ruffed lemur Yoda, right, are set for a scrumptious snack.