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The observation in Ifrane National Park in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco - one of the Barbary macaque's last remaining areas of habitation - provides valuable information and offers hope to researchers and local communities who are trying to safeguard and boost the endangered species, which is under threat following habitat loss and poaching.
Two days later, a neighbouring Barbary macaque group found Pipo, and while the monkeys had no social relationship to Pipo, they took him in and consoled him.
Peek Two-week old baby macaque with mum Marie Teresa
Unlike other types of macaque, the males share the parenting and help to rear their young, spending a significant amount of time with them.
The Southern pig-tailed macaque had been identified to play a key role in seed dispersal of certain plant species (Ruppert et al., 2014).
While the Taiwanese macaque was not a protected animal, if the person who painted it red was found out, he might face a fine ranging from NT$60,000 (US$1,950) to NT$300,000, according to local officials.
We therefore evaluated Zika virus prevalence in long-tailed macaques (M.
Home to more than 700 long-tailed macaques, it is tucked deep in the forest covering approximately 10 hectares with a labyrinth composed of zigzagging water streams, hilly slopes, towering trees of around 115 different species, and three sacred Hindu temples.
BAD TASTE Macaque drinks from bottle before pouring it away, below
(50, 51) Macaque monkeys demonstrate a preference to view the eye region in the others' face similar to humans, and are sensitive to the direction of others' gaze directions.
Over time, about four percent of each macaque's white blood cells consisted of cells with the CCR5 edit.
Wildlife officials have called for the removal of the free-roaming rhesus macaque monkeys from Florida after a research found that almost 30 percent of them in the state might be excreting a strain of herpes - herpes B virus or macacine herpesvirus 1 (McHV-1) - that could be life-threatening for humans.
Monkey B virus (BV) occurs naturally in all 17 species of macaque monkeys that comprise the genus Macaca.