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surface with macadam

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30) The other essentials of ironmaking were a reliable source of water in almost constant flow; iron ore, either nearby or easily transported (before railroads and macadamizing, this usually meant by water); and access to the sea (for similarly convenient distribution of the finished product).
Major improvements to road surfces, such as macadamizing, were still ten years away (Pratt, 102-4).
Contractors were to "avoid injuring any tree" when macadamizing or paving streets or making sidewalks, but if this was impossible, they could simply apply to the city engineer for instructions.
From 1895 onwards the city had engaged in a determined programme of grading and Macadamizing streets.
It is equally probable that the Macadamizing of streets was spawned by the boosterist mentality prevalent in Winnipeg at the time.