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Synonyms for macadam

broken stone used in macadamized roadways

a paved surface having compressed layers of broken rocks held together with tar

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Feedback from viewers has been very good and it is a treat to receive so many inspired messages from all over the world and also from some very respected people in the adventure film industry," Macadam told Times of Oman.
Ms Macadam, who lives at Cramlington in Northumberland, took on Henry Dancer Days as her Charity of the Year - holding events and encouraging churches to raise money.
The first thing that I would highlight about Dubai's Mall of the World is that it is perfectly timed," Macadam said in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.
Macadam Floor and Design promptly became involved in the “Kid Kave” project after Make A Wish Foundation contacted them for supplies, ultimately donating about 1000 square feet of flooring.
Present were Macadam event managers George Mathew and Thanooj Thampy, as well as Mohammed Jalal and Sons Automotive Division part consultant Ian Johnston and general manager Jamal Al Sayed.
We look forward to raising the profile of the industry in our region where shopping is a recreational event, a leisure activity, a family pastime, a tourist attraction and a social opportunity," Macadam said.
MacAdam also found a way to make money in a decorative way.
So a letter, sent to some residents, says that the council will resolve the issue by pulling up the trees and the grass verges and putting down macadam.
EnProa[euro](tm)s president and CEO Steve Macadam said that the acquisition would give customers of the Stemco business access to a complete suite of brake system parts and wheel-end products.
David Macadam, the head of retail at consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle, said that landlords are looking to negotiate with shops on more effective rent deals to fill empty spaces.
Michele Henney of Eugene and Shirley MacAdam of Coos Bay were elected to the society's board of directors.
19, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice David MacAdam noted that the province's Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion in the purchase or sale of property.
The magazine had tracked down Denis after Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy mentioned him in an interview she gave to Macadam - a magazine sold by the homeless.