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'Well, ma'am,' rejoined the beadle, 'he went away; and he DID die in the streets.
'You mistake my purpose, I see, ma'am,' replied Mr Nickleby, in his usual blunt fashion.
"Will you have the candles, ma'am?" she inquired, respectfully.
'She must wait, ma'am,' answered Bounderby, 'till I know myself.
"Pooh, ma'am," said I in desperation, but I did not take her hand.
"Nay, ma'am, to be sure he meant nothing by it, therefore I would not have your ladyship be offended."--"Prithee tell me," says Sophia; "I will know it this instant."--"Why, ma'am," answered Mrs Honour, "he came into the room one day last week when I was at work, and there lay your ladyship's muff on a chair, and to be sure he put his hands into it; that very muff your ladyship gave me but yesterday.
'Thank you, ma'am,' said Mr Pancks, 'such is my endeavour.'
'There is no longer any occasion for uneasiness, ma'am. Be calm.'
"Yes, ma'am. She smiled, and said how she had changed her name since she was in these parts.
"Well, ma'am, since you know so much, you probably know also that I have sold my pension.
"Yes, ma'am; I will, ma'am," she stammered, righting the pitcher, and turning hastily.
'I tell you, ma'am,' said Mr Witherden, 'what I think as an honest man, which, as the poet observes, is the noblest work of God.
"She was kept in very close confinement, ma'am: people even for some years was not absolutely certain of her existence.
There is the connubial blindness, ma'am, which perhaps you may have observed in the course of your own experience, and which is a kind of wilful and self-bandaging blindness.
'Nothing, ma'am; nothing whatever, ma'am,' said Mr.