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a unit of radioactivity equal to one thousandth of a curie

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MCI's ability to deliver local-to-global Ethernet solutions is filling an important void in the marketplace," said Nancy Gofus, MCI senior vice president of Product Management.
MCI Worldcom also amended its offer in an effort to make it even more attractive to the Sprint board.
McVoy said the original case purported to apply to all tenants who protested MCI orders to the Conciliation and Appeals Board, whose functions were later taken over by DHCR.
MCI wants to ensure that it fully understands the needs of its customers," explains Andy MacLeod, general manager and senior vice president, MCI Europe.
But swallowing MCI would be a breathtaking gulp, even for a company that has made a sport of buying bigger competitors.
By easing customer transition to IP communications, MCI is working to ensure maximum efficiency for customer networks today, while laying the groundwork for the additional delivery of rich-media services in the future.
But the company issued a statement in London saying it ``will be holding further discussions with MCI management in order fully to understand the reasons for, and extent of, the changes in MCI's prospects.
Regression analyses of bid data from competitive local exchange carriers shows that the removal of AT&T from SBC territory and MCI from Verizon territory will increase bid prices between 11% and 400% depending on the circuit type.
Roddy and other experts said Cable and Wireless would have been a more attractive partner for British Telecom than MCI is because it would have enabled BT to fill out its geographic footprint in Asia.
The case was brought by Shary Everett, a Goodyear, Arizona resident who repeatedly was assessed monthly service charges by MCI even though she had a different long distance carrier and had terminated MCI service at a former address several years earlier.
MCI will match AT&T's offer of five hours of free Internet time to people who use its long distance service.
Working with Telarix allows MCI to focus on quality of service and improve efficiency of network routing," said Ihab Tarazi, vice president, MCI Access and International Network Engineering.
With MCI Advantage over Private IP, MCI has made it very easy for customers to reap the benefits of converged networking," said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president of MCI Product Management.
With the success of MCI's CPA trials in the Chicago area, MCI is launching its CPA architecture in 24 additional cities across the U.
Verizon and MCI have entered into an amended agreement and plan of merger dated May 1, 2005, following a protracted bidding process in which Qwest Communications International, Inc.