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a short poem of songlike quality

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Moore's revisions also come to support the template of a more autonomous lyric poem, one that resists too much dependence on outside, materialist "prosthetics" and reconstitutes itself--if unexpectedly--in the sonorous tradition of the spoken lyric voice, as discussed by W.
The lyric poem thus opened up a space for personal feeling.
Unlike Wordsworth's 'Solitary Reaper' (another notable lyric poem about a female figure with a Scottish context), where there is no visual evocation of how the girl looks, Clare's 'The Forest Maid' is distinctive because of her physical features, her smiling, tanned face the antithesis to 'the scorn of man', which in turn seems to (ironically) invoke in a more playful context Burns's 'His cruelty, or scorn' in 'Man was Made to Mourn' (70).
Another lyric poem which is part of the "meadow of love" tradition is a fragment by Archilochus (196a), a poet of the seventh century BC known for his invectives.
citizens on the women's fate, thanks to the work of Valerie Martinez, a New Mexico author who gives us a book that is at once a lyric poem in 72 parts and an organizing tool for activists.
This claim suggests a basic opposition between the lyric poem, at least, and the novel.
Their work shows that such an approach is theoretically sound and yields excellent analyses of new and old poems, illustrating that a "narrative/narratological reading" of a lyric poem opens aspects of the poem and its meanings which should not be ignored or neglected.
Alex Beard submits the double acrostic lyric poem "'BLUES: John Colb" that has an acrostic on the left and right ends.
In the third section the poems take a turn placing gender politics in the lyric poem thereby making them personal.
There is a great album here, and it's about 10 tracks and a lyric sheet instead of a lyric poem. I'm making a custom playlist out of this one.
It is not until the penultimate chapter of the book that we are given any inkling of what a lyric poem actually might be.
What does a lyric poem have in common with a postcard?
This, at least, is a common definition of a lyric poem, but in Lyric Poetry, Brown University English professor Mutlu Konuk Blasing challenges our conception of that individual and, thus, of poetry itself.
Not trying, at least for the moment, to discriminate various hierarchical levels, functions, and communication situations of the agents who act simultaneously in the work of verbal art, I would like to examine the possibilities contained in the following thesis: the fictional world of a lyric poem, or its central part, is represented by a subject.
At the same time, All Souls and One Another are anchored by literary tradition--by the lyric poem and the prose narrative, in particular--and succeed as literary texts.