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Synonyms for lynchpin

Synonyms for lynchpin

a central cohesive source of support and stability

pin inserted through an axletree to hold a wheel on


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The Ministry of Defence said: "Cpl Stanley was an enormously popular soldier and a lynchpin of his Company's community with a ready laugh and positive attitude.
"Steven was the lynchpin of the North-east skate scene - I don't say this lightly either.
Brigadier (r) Farooq Maan, who was the lynchpin of this mega fraud of Rs 15 billion, is still at large," he said.
A MAN who died alongside his son as they cleared up flood damage at their local rugby club was described as a "lynchpin" of the community who lived for the sport.
Since then, others have come on board but the Woodside Hotel remains the lynchpin in the development.
When the device is activated by accident, it triggers forces seeking its destruction, for it is the lynchpin to mankind's freedom from hidden manipulators who have been guiding humanity toward collective annihilation.
The lynchpin of a good cyber safety plan is the acceptable use policy.
Forti remained a commanding presence as well as the narrative lynchpin, interweaving memories of her family's harrowing escape from Italy during World War II.
The ShopRite has been hailed as the lynchpin of future downtown revitalization projects along Main Street in Lodi that will provide new economic opportunities, greater consumer choice, environmental enhancements and Main Street road improvements for the community.
While the Leeds-based fireman has surprisingly struggled to hold down a regular place, ex-Emley man Mark Haran is a defensive lynchpin at Babbage Way.
Serving as lynchpin to Knapp's argument is the affinity between players and Erasmus, who desired, after the Apostle Paul, to be "all things to all men." The goal of players, seen in the light of Erasmian evangelism, is to establish an inclusive community; the player is thus seen as the accommodating opposite of the precise Puritan, who understands neither playing nor godly mirth.
Lampard has been in such a rich seam of form that, despite having a pounds 111m summer injection of talent at his disposal, Ranieri has installed him as the Blues' midfield lynchpin as he faces Newcastle tomorrow.
The Manchester City boss sees the experienced Bosvelt as the missing defensive lynchpin in his attacking outfit.
That's because you and the capabilities you deliver are emerging in this era as the lynchpin to fulfilling our vision of a fully integrated joint warfighting team.
Now the midfield lynchpin has bounced back in style and is raring to go when the Anfield men clash with Manchester United in today's Worthington Cup Final.