lynch mob

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a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority

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The reality is that there is a lynch mob on the prowl secure in the belief that the law won't come down hard on them.
Mr Griffin claims the format of the corporation's flagship current affairs programme had been deliberately "twisted" in order to focus on him and his party's policies, leaving him to face a "lynch mob".
The trial like the lynch mob's foment is depicted with dramatic tension as lawyers strive for the hearts and minds of the all-male white jurors with deeply entrenched beliefs.
As they realize that claims to being "number one" are not confined to the USA, the rodeo audience starts seething into lynch mob mode.
No body of citizens has been more maligned than the vigilance committee, commonly confused with the lynch mob. The two were very distinct and separate entities, and the lynch mob was actually rare in the Old West.
I went outside to make sure Machnau wasn't getting jumped in the streets, and much to my surprise, I was greeted by a lynch mob of Canadian loggers.
The play centers on a young Black man who is saved from a lynch mob only because his Black mother is able to prove the White governor is his father.
If I were to ever let out that I am gay, I may as well expect a lynch mob. Realistically, there is utter ostracization and no privacy from the medical community (as HIPPA provides in the United States) or financial institutions.
More specifically, Romey's death at the hands of lynch mob stands as an important episode in the history of the racialization of Syrian Arabs as "in-between" peoples, that is, neither fully white nor black, in the Southern racial scheme.
Shocked and outraged, the congregation becomes a lynch mob. They drive Jesus out and try to do him in.
The lynch mob included Jimmy Corkhill and Steve and Marty Murray.
A YOUNG Iraqi woman is living in terror in Britain after being targeted by a lynch mob.
Freeman gives this suspenseful tale a full-voiced reading, capturing perfectly Leslie's whiny voice from the grave, Fidelis' educated professionalism, Murdo's self-righteous protestations of innocence, and the angry voices of Leslie's other neighbors as they form a lynch mob. Mann's novel deals with love, aging, delusion, and race relations.
A less apparent sort of racism perhaps than the Jim Crow lynch mob's, but no less damaging.
And right-wing writer David Horowitz put the events in perspective: "The coalition that has geared up to misrepresent, tar and feather Bush's conservative nominees is exactly the same lynch mob that conducted the campaign of character assassination against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas 10 years ago." Others noted that even before Thomas famously objected to his "high-tech lynching," another nominee to the high court, Robert Bork, had been run out of town by what he identified as a liberal "lynch mob."