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kill without legal sanction

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In this role, Lynch will be directly responsible for agency development and consulting services of SAN member agencies in Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts, with a focus on agency growth and development opportunities.
According to sources, BofA Merrill Lynch has recently increased its trading on the Kosdaq.
"For me, the most rewarding aspect of this career is helping patients and families through the rough times they are experiencing," Lynch said.
Lynch carried it from the time he was captured until he was liberated from a prisoner of war (POW) camp in August 1945.
Since their focus is on the Southern lynching of African Americans, they also do not seem to notice the thousands of people of Mexican descent, Native Americans, and others who were lynched, many of whom were classed as "white" in the census statistics.
BofA Merrill Lynch also sees support from lower than expected cost of funding, as observed in 2Q17.
Oakland now has roughly $28.7 million in cap space available for adding Lynch. The Raiders are reportedly negotiating with Lynch on a deal that would allow him to keep the $2.5 million owed to him by the Seahawks in bonus money instead of repaying the team.
Lynch, longtime editor of Fordham University's BU flagship journal, Thought, is known for several fairly short books, especially Christ and Apollo: The Dimensions of the Literary Imagination, Images of Hope: Imagination as Healer of the Hopeless and Christ and Prometheus: A New Image of the Secular.
Richard Martin's The Architecture of David Lynch explores the overlooked element of architecture in the films of David Lynch.
OVERLAND PARK--"HI, THIS IS JANE LYNCH, AND I'M SEVEN MINUTES LATE." These are the first words Lynch says to me as we begin our phone interview, and while she is very accurate--she was indeed seven minutes late--the very fact that she mentions this indicates to me that she is a considerate person, conscious of our scheduled interview time.
That's how the family of Rachel Lee Lynch described the vivacious 24-year-old who was found dead near the bike path along the west bank of the Willamette River in Eugene on Feb.
They discuss various related topics: the scholarship on Southern lynching; resurrecting the identities of lynch victims; the characteristics of black male lynch victims; victims as marginal men; targeted because of their success; vulnerability in economic, political, and religious context; atypical victims: females and white males; and the victims of Southern mob violence.
This dichotomous tension between the macabre and the mundane is integral to the appeal of David Lynch and his films.
NEW YORK -- Showtime is expressing hope of salvaging an updated version of "Twin Peaks'' after its co-creator, David Lynch, announced he is leaving the project.