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an immature lymphocyte

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Granular lymphoblast in a case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a rare morphology.
Before studies with blood cells we measured GALC in lysates of LCL (lymphoblastic cell line) lymphoblasts from the Coriell Cell Repository.
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is a neoplastic disturbance of the lymphoblast devoted to the T-cell line.
ALL, is a malignant disorder of blood in which lymphoblast, an early precursor of lymphoid series, replaces the normal haematopoietic cells of bone marrow (BM).
Effects of arsenic exposure on DNA methylation in cord blood samples from newborn babies and in a human lymphoblast cell line.
tamariscifolia had previously demonstrated antiproliferative potential against Daudi (human Burkitt's lymphoma), Jurkat (human leukemic T cell lymphoblast) and K562 (human chronic myelogenous leukemia) cells (Zubia et al.
It's a fast-growing cancer called as lymphoblast. It occurs when the bone marrow produces a large number of immature lymphoblasts.
Variables Frequency Percentage Hospitalization Hematology 172 84.7 Surgical Oncology 6 3.0 Clinical oncologya 16 7.9 Others 9 4.4 Total 203 100.0 Diagnosis Acute Myeloid Leukemia 68 33.5 Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia 48 23.6 Febrile neutropenia 28 13.8 Others 59 29.1 Total 203 100.0 Note: Data retrieved from hospital records by MV2000/SAME Table 2.
reported that SB203580 inhibited the toxic effects of dexamethasone on acute lymphoblast leukemia cells [25], we hypothesized that the antiapoptotic effect of ghrelin on INS-1 cells may also involve inhibition of p38MAPK expression after dexamethasone treatment.
IL-12 is naturally produced by dendritic cells, macrophages, and human B lymphoblast cells in response to antigenic stimulation.
Cresswell, "Genes regulating HLA class I antigen expression in T-B lymphoblast hybrids," Immunogenetics, vol.
tissue culture turturis vaccine * Rhipicephalus Man Nil sanguineus Hyalomma Cattle Attenuated anatolicum macroschizont Man infected lymphoblast vaccine ** Nil R.
[13.] Brown MD, Trounce IA, Jun AS, Allen JC, Wallace DC (2000) Functional analysis of lymphoblast and cybrid mitochondria containing the 3460, 11778, or 14484 Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy mitochondrial DNA mutation.