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lacking energy and vitality or showing such a lack

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Caption: FIGURE 3: Immunohistochemical findings showing many lymphatic ducts expressing D2-40 filled with cancer nests in the kidney (a) and lymph node (b) and the coated cell of the cystic wall expressing D2-40 (c).
Hong, "Detection of the primo vessels in the rodent thoracic lymphatic ducts," in The Primo Vascular System, K.
Bypass surgery creates anastomosis between lymphatic ducts lymphatic duct or nodes and vein.
However, it is not sufficient to kill the filaria in the collecting lymphatic ducts. The damage is already done to the lymphatic system, which then malfunctions, producing the characteristic symptoms of filariasis.
Cervical lymph node metastasis is uncommon.[sup.5] Generally, most cases of renal pelvic carcinoma with cervical lymph node metastasis have regional lymph node metastasis because cancer cells spread via the lymphatic ducts from the primary organ.