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benign angioma consisting of a mass of lymphatic vessels

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Cystic hygromas consist of 90 % of lymphangiomas. [3] The term cystic hygroma was first used in 1843 by Wernher, cystic is for the consistency and hygroma in Greek means 'moist tumour'.
Lymphangiomas are usually seen as well defined, thin-walled, multiloculated cysts.
Lymphangiomas are congenital benign lesions originating from lymphatic tissues due to the failure of lymphatic channels to communicate with normal lymphatic or venous systems.
In our case, we initially tried sclerotherapy because lymphangiomas generally are infiltrating in nature, making surgical excision difficult, but it was not effective.
Lymphangioma is a benign congenital tumor in the lymphatic system arising from a rare developmental anomaly.
Cervical thymus cyst is a rare entity and resembles lymphangioma or branchial cleft cyst therefore, presents as a diagnostic challenge.
Lymphangiomas are classified into three groups as follows: cystic, cavernous and capillary.
To the Editor: Lymphangioma circumscriptum (LC) is not a tumor but rather a congenital malformation of the superficial lymphatics.
Lymphangiomas are tumors formed by excessive division of lymphatic vessels' endothelial cells.
Lymphangiomas are malformations of lymphatic tissue characterized by distended channels.
Lymphangiomas are benign lesions, which can rarely appear in the gastrointestinal tract.
Intralesional bleomycin injection in lymphangiomas treatment in children.
Adrenal cysts: simple cysts, pseudocysts, lymphangiomas
Lymphangiomas of the oral cavity: A clinicopathologic, immunohistochemical, and electron-microscopic study.