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roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium


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Indeed, a cost-effectiveness analysis model suggests that magnetic-resonance lymphangiography of the axilla is more cost-effective in terms of quality-adjusted life expectancy than SLNB [29].
When you are as close to retirement as I am, it can get a bit depressing to find your hard-won skills becoming obsolete (remember lymphangiography, anyone?
3,4) Barentsz's group tested Combidex[R]-enhanced MRI lymphangiography (MRL, viewing of lymph nodes and vessels) against CT for the detection of those less-than-8 mm nodes that can so easily be missed on surgical exploration.
Imaging techniques include interstitial lymphangiography, lymphoscintigraphic function tests, and fluorescence microlymphography.
2) Lymphangiography or lymphoscintigraphy can also be useful in making the diagnosis and in making an intraoperative identification of the mass.
A few of the many covered are aorta, femoral and renal angiography; cardiac catheterization; neuroradiology and some other less frequently performed procedures, including hysterosalpingography, lymphangiography and bronchograms.
Lymphangiograms, or x-rays, of the lymphatic system which are obtained through a process called lymphangiography.
Lymphangiography, an x-ray exam of the lymphatic system after the injection of a contrast medium (a substance that shows up on the x-ray), also may be helpful.
Clinical comparison of computed tomography and lymphangiography for detection of retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy.
Two attempts at MRI lymphangiography failed as the child did not cooperate.
Lymphangiography (the gold standard exam) or lymphoscintigraphy can be performed to confirm communication with the thoracic duct.
Lymphangiography was once the mainstay of radiologic diagnosis for lymphoma, and it is still used in some centers.