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roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium


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All line drawings have been revised, and the chapter on lymphangiography has been deleted.
As long ago as 1981, when PBVD was used widely by radiologists, Kalimo et al reported that in 435 patients referred for lymphangiography, skin-prick testing was positive in 2.
When you are as close to retirement as I am, it can get a bit depressing to find your hard-won skills becoming obsolete (remember lymphangiography, anyone?
Indeed, a cost-effectiveness analysis model suggests that magnetic-resonance lymphangiography of the axilla is more cost-effective in terms of quality-adjusted life expectancy than SLNB [29].
3,4) Barentsz's group tested Combidex[R]-enhanced MRI lymphangiography (MRL, viewing of lymph nodes and vessels) against CT for the detection of those less-than-8 mm nodes that can so easily be missed on surgical exploration.