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dilatation of a lymph vessel

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Waldmann and his colleagues described the concept of intestinal lymphangiectasis for the first time (2).
Colby et al., "Thoracic lymphangiomas, lymphangiectasis, lymphangiomatosis, and lymphatic dysplasia syndrome," American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, vol.
Nine out of 272 patients (3.3%) had nonspecific findings that included abnormal bulging/ narrowing, thickened folds, lymphangiectasis, questionable diverticula, bleeding without an obvious source, postsurgical changes [stenosis, anastomoses] (Figure 2).
Hidradenitis suppurativa may be complicated by lymphedema and lymphangioma.1 Lymphangioma (also called lymphangiectasis) is either primary (present at birth or develop in early childhood, or secondary (induced by impairment of fluid flow).