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Synonyms for lymphangiectasia

dilatation of a lymph vessel

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Other disorders of the pulmonary lymphatic system (such as lymphangiectasia and lymphangiomatosis) have been associated with the development of PB [11, 12].
Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia (Waldmann's disease).
A 24-year-old man with a protein-losing gastroenteropathy due to an intestinal lymphangiectasia was treated with glucocorticoids (prednisolone, 7.5mg/day) and developed lowgrade fevers 7 months before admission.
(7) The presence of venous contamination (present or not present) and whether it compromises the diagnosis and the presence of lymphangiectasia (yes or no) should be also reported.
Benign results, such as phlebectasia and lymphangiectasia, were commonly found in more than 65% of the video capsule endoscopies but were not included in the analysis.
intestinal lymphangiectasia, macroglobulinemia etc.
Teddy was born prematurely in September, with massively underdeveloped lungs, and died 24 hours later, from Non-Immune Hydrops Fatalis and Pulmonary Lymphangiectasia.
This, in turn, results in edema and the bullous appearance in the surrounding dermis (the lymphangiectasia variant) (6, 8, 9).
Gross examination also revealed a prominent lymphatic vessel running along the trachea (lymphangiectasia).
Elevated venous pressure causes intestinal lymphangiectasia causing loss of albumin, protein, and lymphocytes in gut.
(5) It can also be attributed to bleeding or inflammation in the lymphatic system, which causes obstruction and consequent lymphangiectasia. (5,8,10)
Imaging in renal lymphangiectasia: report of two cases and review of literature.
* Yorkshire Terriers diagnosed with protein-losing enteropathy and/or lymphangiectasia, a disease of the lymphatic vessels characterized by chronic diarrhea.