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a vascular duct that carries lymph which is eventually added to the venous blood circulation

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Cha et al., "Primo vessel inside a lymph vessel emerging from a cancer tissue," JAMS Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, vol.
After mastectomy, the damaged lymph nodes cannot carry enough lymph fuid, the fuid accumulation in the lymphatic vessels as a pressure increases in the opposite direction to the periphery, and the deterioration of the working mechanism of the valves that provide different directional circulation in the lymph vessels causes lymphedema to develop.
TPC is, together with thyroid follicular carcinoma, one of the two types of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC).[2] TPC tends to enter the lymph system via lymph vessels, whereas thyroid follicular carcinoma tends to travel to lungs and bones via blood circulation.
When cancer cells are in the wall, they can then grow into blood vessels or lymph vessels. Once cancer cells spread into blood or lymph vessels, they can travel to distant parts of the body, such as the liver.'
"Treatment plans are customised for each patient and generally include lymph drainage, which is a form of massage that stimulates the lymph vessels, compression bandages and garments, exercise and skin care," added Basher.
The American Cancer Society said the surgeon then 'ties off the blood and lymph vessels in the spermatic cord' while other precautions are taken to stop the cancer cells from spreading.
If the remaining lymph vessels cannot remove enough of the fluid in the affected area, fluid builds up and causes swelling, or lymphedema.
"Treatment plans are customized for each patient and generally include lymph drainage, which is a form of massage that stimulates the lymph vessels, compression bandages and garments, exercise, and skin care.
Congenital lymphedema is a rare pathology characterized by the abnormal development of the lymph vessels. Although the incidence below age 20 is predicted to be 1.15/100.000, frequency in newborns, especially in preterm neonates is unknown.
Angiography is examination by X-ray of blood or lymph vessels, carried out after introduction of a radiopaque substance.
The excess fluid in the lymph vessels is eventually returned to the bloodstream.
In the case presented here, the diagnosis established was of a combined form of chronic peripheral edema comprised of true lymphedema, which was confirmed by lymphoscintigraphy and could hypothetically be caused by the obstruction of lymph vessels due to the chronic inflammation of connective tissue, and filtration edema due to muscular inactivity, plus the suspected side effect of tocilizumab.
One of them is the implantation hypothesis according to which blood and lymph vessels become permeable for tumor cells, which then enter the surrounding tissue.
But, when they tuned the scanner differently, the blood vessels disappeared, and the researchers saw that dura also contained smaller but almost equally bright spots and lines which they suspected were lymph vessels. The results suggested that the dye leaked out of the blood vessels, flowed through the dura and into neighboring lymphatic vessels.