lymph cell

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an agranulocytic leukocyte that normally makes up a quarter of the white blood cell count but increases in the presence of infection

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This accumulation of lymph cells is collectively called GALT, for "gut associated lymphoid tissue." GALT begins with the lymphoid tonsils in the throat and is further expressed by large patches of lymphoid tissues, called Peyer's patches, that are located along many areas of the intestinal tract.
Pathologist Dr Richard Jones had told an earlier hearing that the cause of death was bronchial pneumonia, kidney infection and cancer of the lymph cells.
AMMAN: King Hussein of Jordan is suspected to be suffering from cancer of the lymph cells and will begin chemotherapy next week if tests confirm the condition.
The group later added human T cells to the mouse lymph cells and found that HIV readily infected the T cells.
That is, its symptoms are caused by immune system attacks on the body's own proteins- attacks initiated by lymph cells called T-cells.