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dull-colored moth whose larvae have tufts of hair on the body and feed on the leaves of many deciduous trees

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In contrast, pupae of the papilionid butterfly Papilio machaon (Takehara and Asahina, 1960; Shimada, 1988) and caterpillars of the arctiid moths Cisseps fulvicollis (Fields and McNeil, 1986) and Ctenucha virginica (Fields and McNeil, 1988), the lymantriid moth Gynaephora groenlandica (Kukal et al., 1988, 1989), and noctuid moth Ostrinia nubilalis (Hanec and Beck, 1960; Nordin et al., 1984) tolerate internal freezing, although C.
SIT is a broad-based tactic because it is currently, or recently has been, used in programs targeting tortricid, gelechiid, lymantriid, and pyralid pests of row crops, orchards, forests and natural areas, respectively (Bloem et al.