lying under oath

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criminal offense of making false statements under oath

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Following Trump's reply, the interviewer asked whether Cohen was lying under oath, and the president replied, "Oh, absolutely he's lying.
| Chris Cairns was found not |guilty of lying under oath during his successful libel case
The man is now accused of lying under oath, before the judicial bodies, when he had sworn he had not received anything from the company.
A Florence man who just began a 17-year prison term for killing two Reedsport friends in a September drunken driving crash received an additional 1 1/2 years behind bars on Monday for lying under oath during his December manslaughter trial.
Posada is charged with lying under oath during immigration procedures about his role in a dozen 1997 bombings of Havana hotels.
Kilpatrick and Beatty are charged with lying under oath about their relationship.
Within just a few hours of the verdict's announcement, it editorialized: "Reasonable people can conclude that it was only Scooter Libby's imperfect memory--not willful deception--that gave rise to the charges of lying under oath and obstruction of justice."
"It's more dangerous than Clinton's lying under oath because it jeopardizes our democratic dispensation and civil liberties for the ages."
Watkins was accused of lying under oath at Abergavenny Magistrates Court when he claimed only he and Martin were present.
Bill Clinton remained president after the Senate's disgraceful performance, but he still faced possible prosecution for lying under oath and obstructing justice once he was out of office.
(One example: Billing records for the Arkansas Project showed payments to Olson's law firm.) But when conservatives screamed "witchhunt," Hatch backpedaled and said no to a Democratic request for further investigation, making it likely that Olson's nomination will move through the full Senate.What happened to those Republicans who once argued that any lying under oath by a high-level government official deserves the most serious punishment?
The prosecutors argued that this trial was about lying under oath, a public act, and about premeditated corruption of the system of justice, again, public acts.
President Clinton is accused of lying under oath and obstructing the course of justice following his two year affair with former White House trainee Lewinsky.
Senate prosecutors, who are trying to have the president thrown out of office for lying under oath about his affair with Monica, had gone to court to have her ordered to attend the trial.