lying under oath

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criminal offense of making false statements under oath

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Chris Cairns was found not |guilty of lying under oath during his successful libel case
The man is now accused of lying under oath, before the judicial bodies, when he had sworn he had not received anything from the company.
Still, the district attorney said, his office will continue to seek perjury indictments against crime victims and witnesses suspected of lying under oath when the evidence supports it.
Watkins was accused of lying under oath at Abergavenny Magistrates Court when he claimed only he and Martin were present.
Bill Clinton remained president after the Senate's disgraceful performance, but he still faced possible prosecution for lying under oath and obstructing justice once he was out of office.
The prosecutors argued that this trial was about lying under oath, a public act, and about premeditated corruption of the system of justice, again, public acts.
President Clinton is accused of lying under oath and obstructing the course of justice following his two year affair with former White House trainee Lewinsky.
Clinton will soon have to stand before America's 100 senators, accused of lying under oath about Monica Lewinsky and trying to cover up the Paula Jones affair.
While many of our maximum leader's mendacities have landed him in a hot tub of job-security risks, he has continued to sell both the elites and the Booboisie the incredible line that diddling employees, lying under oath, and directing a lengthy and costly government campaign to cover-up a string of falsehoods is a matter to be adjudicated not by the public or the legal authorities, but by his wife.
The senator noted that no member of the subcommittee has even lifted a finger to cite Bondal in contempt for lying under oath.
Elisabetta Grillo, 41, who also accused the celebrity couple of lying under oath, told jurors Ms Lawson permitted the teenagers to smoke the Class C drug as she gave evidence in her fraud trial.
TOMMY Sheridan and his wife Gail were in court again yesterday charged with lying under oath.
Sheridan, 44, was arrested in December after an investigation into allegations of lying under oath during his successful pounds 200,000 action against the News of the World at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
It is unfortunate that many individuals don't understand the difference between lying under oath and lying.
THE mother of Michael Jackson's accuser yesterday admitted lying under oath in previous legal action.