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(folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf

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The cost of making Lycanthropy, budgeted at pounds 300,000, would barely have kept the cast of Band of Brothers in cappuccinos.
Besides fundamental topics such as murder, suicide, torture, fear, madness, horror fiction deals with vampires, ghosts, succubi, incubi, poltergeists, doppelgangers, demonic pacts, diabolic possessions, exorcism, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, lycanthropy, telekinesis, paranormal phenomena.
To unpack this particular statement, we have to consider both the idea of lycanthropy as a disease that Lupin could easily pass on to any number of children and the terror created by the actions of Greyback and his followers.
Spinning something cinematically new out of lycanthropy is "always a challenge, but director Paco Plaza intermittently achieves it with his sophomore feature, historical horror yarn "Romasanta." Based on a true story from the 19th century, offbeat pic is cleverly ambiguous where it counts; however, it lacks dramatic focus, and subtlety in plot and characterization takes second place to well-turned visual and sonic effects.
Panicking, Brigitte forces herself to be nice to Sam (Kris Lemche), the high school's pot supplier, who may have a cure for Ginger's growing lycanthropy.
Nils-Morten Osburg's screenplay riffs on various classic myths and fairy tales, while recalling other recent lycanthropy pics, notably "Wolfen" (for its deadpan humor) and in particular the Jack Nicholson vehicle "Wolf." Like the latter, story has some fun at expense of a snobbish literary world, as affable would-be novelist Thomas (Jan Josef Liefers) struggles to get a break while day-jobbing as a sound-synch technician for dubbed genre pics mostly horror, of course.
" That was his alibi when he was tried in the 1840s for the murders of 13 women: he claimed that he was afflicted with lycanthropy, which caused him to transform into a wolf and attack people.
Shyovitz argues that it is precisely because the pietists, like their Christian contemporaries, placed such a high value on the human body that the belief in lycanthropy held such an important place in their thinking.
As a sixth-year med student, Carl discovers his lycanthropy is accompanied by a steadily increasing weight loss.
Naturally he was condemned to be hanged and burnt, but doctors diagnosed "a malady called lycanthropy, induced by an evil spirit", so instead he was confined to a monastery.
Perhaps the most cited example of complicated sourcing is the case of lycanthropy which, while cited in A Description of the Northern Peoples and Persiles y Sigismunda, can be found in authors dating all the way back from Pliny, up until debates contemporary with very writing of Cervantes's novel (Lozano Renieblas, Cervantes y el mundo 27-29).
LYCANTHROPY: In Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf tries to take on a human personality.