lycaenid butterfly

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any of various butterflies of the family Lycaenidae

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Another small Lycaenid butterfly, the Western Pygmy Blue Brephidium exilis, a native of arid south-western North America, has established itself in the Arabian Gulf region, from Northern Oman to Kuwait, apparently over the past 25 years (see, e.
In this paper, I employ this analysis and a clustering analysis based on genetic distances to estimate genetic isolation by distance in the lycaenid butterfly, Euphilotes enoptes.
The role of topography and distance in isolating populations of the lycaenid butterfly, Euphilotes enoptes.
Relationships between lycaenid butterfly larvae and ants range dramatically in the effects on the interacting species.
Lack of compensation by final instar larvae of the myrmecophilous lycaenid butterfly, Jalmenus evagoras, for the loss of nutrients to ants.
Mating success and fecundity in an ant-tended lycaenid butterfly, pp.
Parasitoids as selective agents in the symbiosis between lycaenid butterfly larvae and ants.