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being seven more than seventy

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38) Citado en Asenjo Gonzalez, Maria; <<Perfil socioeconomico de la ciudad de Toledo en el siglo XV a traves de sus ordenanzas[mucho mayor que], Cuadernos de Historia de Espana, LXXVII (2001-2002), pp.
Moedano, (45) al analizar la lamina LXXVII del Magliabechiano, senala la relacion entre el temazcal y Tezcatlipoca a partir del texto que se halla en la citada lamina:
En esto, Vivar manifiesta especial cuidado, omitiendo en la Cronica cualquier alusion a un nombramiento previo, lo que incide en su propia escritura: con anterioridad al capitulo LXXVII, Vivar se refiere a Valdivia siempre como "general" y el epiteto de "el gobernador" es posterior, en el texto, al nombramiento simbolico cifrado en el parlamento de La Gasca
The study is divided into four parts, the first ("Les Fondements de l'activite exegetique de Paracelse") and second one ("Approche de la theorie paracelsienne du langage") laying the complex theoretical groundwork for the discussion of Psalm LXXVII (78), the centerpiece showcasing Hohenheim's fundamental concepts (133).
Thus, understanding The Cantos is an endeavor that causes us to encounter doubt, but also one of the greatest protests that a poet can undertake, that of his mother tongue in which he composed his indictment against the United States, a political protest that perceives a decline, the antidote for which resides in acknowledging a filiation that is evident in Canto LXXVII which is mentioned at the beginning of this article, a filiation that leads from ancient thinkers to the founding fathers of the United States: Jefferson and Adams.
196) The Hungarian Act LXXVII of 1993 on the Rights of National and Ethnic Minorities not only provides for local minority governments, but also minority self-government at the national level under ss5(1), 21 and 31.
Davenport, "The South African Rebellion, 1914," English Historical Review, LXXVII, 306 (1963): 78; A.
The total collection of LXXVII + 5,440 pages is a must for any institutional library where entomological research is conducted.
19-25 and 76-77; Matias de Novoa, 'Historia de Felipe IV, Rey de Espana', in Coleccion de Documentos Ineditos para la Historia de Espan a, 113 vols (Madrid: Imprenta de Miguel Ginesta, 1863-90) LXXVII, 332-34; Elliott and Pen a, ii, 128-30, n.
Los filipinismos y otras palabras de Filipinas contenidas en el Diccionario de la Academia", Boletin de la Real Academia, LXXVII, c.
11 For a characterization of 'academic music', see my 'The Gendered Construction of the Musical Self: the Music of Paulin Oliveros', The Musical Quarterly, lxxvii (1993), 385-96
46) Alice Zimmern, "Ladies Dwellings," Contemporary Review LXXVII (January, 1900), 97-104
Without making too much of a canonical mismatch, it seems fruitful to suggest that in his ambition, his fraught relation to poethood, the poetic he crafted, and the ambivalence with which he is received, Berrigan resembles Keats, whom he names "the baiter of bears who died / of lust" in Sonnet LXXVII (65).
Weller, `Binchois's texts', Music and letters, lxxvii (1996), pp.
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