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being eight more than fifty

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Como senalaba, las decimas LVIII y LIX poetizan las experiencias del sujeto textual en variados lugares, por tanto, los editores privilegiaron un ordenamiento tematico (la idea de recorrido por Chile) en desmedro de un criterio estrictamente biografico.
All Pakistan Newspapers Society and others in their appeal moved through Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, had contended that the impugned judgement of Sindh High court was not sustainable in law as it had decided the constitutional petition only by quoting the language of Newspaper Employees (Condition of Service) Act, LVIII of 1973, (NECOSA)and ruled that it was possible for the government to constitute a Wage Board for determining rates of wages for newspaper employees.
Triveni Krishnan, Scientist D, NICED, Kolkata, participated in the LVIII Japanese Domestic Congress of Virology, atTokushime (November 7-9, 2010).
Somados aos discursos XI -- Troia nao foi capturada pelos gregos, LVIII -- Retrato de Nestor de Homero, LVIII -- Dialogo entre Aquiles e Cheiron, LIX Filotetes, uma parafrase e XII -- Discurso Olimpico (primeira concepcao do homem sobre deus) compoem um grupo de discursos que traz referencias as obras epicas gregas utilizadas como metaforas e alegorias sobre o Imperio Romano e faz analogias a si mesmo ora como Filotetes, ora como Odisseu, ora como Homero e ora como Socrates.
3-5, 2008, Iasj, Romania, Bulletin Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, Tome LIV(LVIII), Fasc.
lviii) explains that "good translation is much more than a technical process--it is a moral act involving responsibility and respect." The texts are translated in a "free style" that respects word choice, but modifies sentence order and structure to produce a natural, flowing English translation.
Geophysical variables and behaviour: LVIII. Autonomic activity, hemolysis, and biological psychokinesis: Possible relationships with geomagneric field activity.
Carla Gardina Pestana, "Review: The Ideological Origins of the British Empire, by David Armitage," William and Mary Quarterly LVIII (2) (April 2001), 542.
In conclusion, this volume provides the indispensable opportunity to situate Fortini at his due place in the Italian repubblica delle lenere, as unique intelligence and conscience, and to commence again the study of what Lenzini aptly calls "lo sterminato lavoro critico di Fortini--ma perche non dirlo: del maggiori intellettuali del secolo" (lviii).
This was followed by the offences in respect of Banks (Special Courts) Ordinance 1984 and the Banking Tribunal Ordinance (LVIII of 1984).