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being six more than fifty


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The aim of this study was to use specific markers to detect LVI in invasive breast carcinomas and compare the results with routine H and E evaluation of the specimens.
LVI, PNI, TNM stage and nodal involvement were identified to correlate with the poor outcome.
A univariate analysis identified LVI, the tumor grade, and pathological T stage as risk factors for predicting CSS (p<0.001, 0.0019 and 0.003, respectively, Table 2).
Supervised machine learning approach was used in analyzing relationship on between as label ki-67 groups and input variables (MC, LVI, age, number of mLN, nuclear grade, TS, number of LNs, BMI, PVI, surgical type, and histopathological type).
The Mantel-Cox log-rank test was applied to assess the strength of association between CSS and each of the parameters (age and gender of the patient, size of the tumor, WHO histological grade, PDC grade, pT stage, tumor border configuration, TB, LVI, and MM) as a single variable.
For many mills, the USTERA(r) LVI family includes instruments which each cover a particular aspect of fiber quality, with absolute reliability: the USTERA(r) LVI 930 length tester, the USTERA(r) LVI 960 color/trash tester, the USTERA(r) LVI 975 micronaire tester and the USTERA(r) LVI 920 nep tester provide measurements describing these various cotton quality parameters, while the USTERA(r) LVI 940 serves as the control system and data manager.
According to the results, the following factors were correlated with OS: TD ( P < 0.001), LVI ( P < 0.001), UPM ( P < 0.001) and fewer than 12 LNs retrieved ( P < 0.001).
A retrospective, multi-institutional review was performed to identify cases of testicular germ cell tumors that contained LVI within the spermatic cord without soft tissue invasion of the cord (n = 44).
Univariate analysis revealed that menopausal status (p=0.009), tumor stage (p=0.0001), tumor size (p=0.001), LVI (p=0.0001) and PNI (p=0.007) were significantly associated with nodal status (Table-I).
"As a government appointed Local Vet Inspector (LVI), I am able to give advice on and issue pet passports/export certificates."
If this sounds familiar, advancements in neuromuscular dentistry can help, say specialists at LVI Global, a leading postgraduate dental training centre, as follows: When teeth are misaligned they cannot provide the needed muscle support for chewing and swallowing.
Por ello, en destetes menores a cuatro sem de edad, el cambio de alimentacion liquida (leche materna) a solida origina una reduccion de la actividad enzimatica y modifica las estructuras de la mucosa intestinal: reduccion del tamano de las vellosidades intestinales (LVI); inflamacion de la mucosa y atrofia de los enterocitos lo que deriva, en una menor capacidad digestiva y disminucion de la ganancia diaria de peso (GDP) del lechon [7].
lvi also stated that these are not the 'ache din' that the party had talked about, as these could only be 'achhe din' for the MLAs.