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wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

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The luxuriousness is understated, with its off-white and pale gray walls and lone chandelier floating above the main glass-and-chrome vitrine at the center, which displays the key collections.
The fields would have been planted and they, along with the pastures, would be dancing with a succulent, verdant luxuriousness, steadily irrigated by the gentle rains that urge them towards fruitful maturity.
Designer taps and shower heads are an investment - they can make all the difference to the luxuriousness of a bathroom.
The Pork Belly Adobo was meaty with just enough fat to add the classic fatty luxuriousness to the dish, something akin to Chinese roast pork.
"It is a major step upwards in terms of luxuriousness and has been developed alongside the BMW 8 GTE race car."
Its history and luxuriousness are directly correlated to the life and prominence of Maridani, as it was built under the patronage of his father-in-law, Sultan Muhammad and with significant donations from Maridani's own expense.
The participants were randomly presented with one of three versions of an advertisement for each item, with each version of the ad emphasizing either the item's quality, luxuriousness, or power.
Self-consciousness has turned to luxuriousness and the certainty, stillness and distance of the classical antique has turned into indecision, anxiety almost, a natural attitude and withdrawal into the self that caused controversy.
None of these add luxuriousness to the car, so if you skip them, you won't be driving a less-posh Cascada.
As the stores' main collection, Papillon represents the identity and concept of the brand name and reflects the luxuriousness of the place (France) at the same time.
With its understated luxuriousness, Tea Forte has become an everyday indulgence of tea connoisseurs in over 35 countries.
The S 65 ends up feeling more Mercedes-Maybach than Mercedes-AMG, which is fine once I managed my performance expectations and got back to appreciating the luxuriousness of the V12 around town and on the highway.
At the same time, greater attention was paid to enhance the luxuriousness and splendour of garments, represented by a silk court robe worked through with gold threads, and a silken set of French coat, waistcoat and breeches.
The Rest Is Gravy Sam's Tip: Use a finely ground"instant" flour to prevent lumps in the gravy, and add to its luxuriousness with some heavy cream at the end.