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self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins)


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Luxuria, a popular TV personality in Italy, was freed after the Italian government intervened.
Miss Luxuria, 48, was protesting over Russia's antigay laws.
Luxuria was protesting against Russian legislation banning homosexual propaganda among minors, which caused international outcry leading up to the Olympics.
Today, Luxuria announced that it will host a series of professional talent searches across the U.
m from Whitefield going via the Luxuria lounge at HSR Layout Bangalore.
Senao vejamos: luxuria provoca AIDS, inveja da gastrite, gula causa arteriosclerose podendo levar a infartos e derrames, preguica gera problemas musculares, osseos e circulatorios que aparecem como osteoporose, isquemias e outras mazelas, e por ai vai.
No capitulo "Que trata da luxuria destes barbaros" do seu Tratado descritivo do Brasil em 1587, diz que
However, the Brothers Trump have quietly built an empire on luxury real estate development, one which includes Williams Island (named after their dad), an 82-acre posh preserve for the rich in Aventura; the 51-story Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles; and Luxuria in Boca Raton, seaside condos that include flat-screen televisions in the bathrooms.
Defying common sense, C-level executives and their Wall Street advisors, driven by Luxuria, moved entire electronics manufacturing programs to facilities 12 time zones away.
They clearly represent lack of control and lust, which under the rubric of Luxuria is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
34) Audire atque togam iubere componere, quisquis/ambitione mala aut argenti pallet amore,/ quisquis luxuria tristive superstitione/ aut alio mentis morbo calet; huc propius me/dum docet insanire omnis vos ordine, adite.
Back working with the company is Liv Lorent whose first piece for them, Luxuria, won over critics and audiences alike.
Ryan Moore made it three winners for the day when following a Brighton double with a thoroughly convincing success on Luxuria in the two-year-old maiden.