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self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins)


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Robinsons Luxuria is known for crafting distinctive lifestyles according to the exacting standards of highly accomplished urbanites.
Don King notes the same passage in Lewis's Allegory but finds luxuria among the tales in Miraz.
No prologo da ultima revista de Walter Pinto, O diabo que a carregue la pra casa, de 1961, Sata faz a apresentacao dos ingredientes indispensaveis para se fazer uma "revista infernal"--a malicia, a luxuria, a graca e a beleza, representadas por atrizes, que entram apos se ouvir uma musica de carnaval.
Si e ancora ben lontani, infatti, dai personaggi piu definiti di scrittori piu recenti come Luigi Romolo Can ino o Vladimir Luxuria, i quali si caratterizzano per la loro complessita psicologica e sono in grado di ammettere apertamente la loro omosessualita che, in moite occasioni, utilizzano per contrastare eroicamente il pregiudizio.
Scoma: otrosy la piadosa vejez de Philomena e la luxuria envergoncada de Thereo (p.
Essa virada conceituai saneou e dessexualizou o genero, excluindo quaisquer associacoes com a luxuria do corpo e com o sexo.
com, he is also the motoring editor of Luxuria Lifestyle (the digital magazine of The Luxury Network International which, in the past 12 months, has had an average monthly readership of 433,482 throughout 2014).
Also, ASCC hopes to capitalise on unprecedented new brand building opportunities through Luxuria Brands, its brand management division.
Oposto a luxuria, o luxo designa aquilo que nao tem preco.
By handling its own distribution business, ASCC says it hopes to capitalize on unprecedented new brand building opportunities through Luxuria Brands, its brand management division.
Through its brand manager unit Luxuria Brands, the Aristocrat Group on its way of converting into a provider of premium luxury goods, including top distilled spirits.
Former Italian MP Vladimir Luxuria, who lives as a woman but has not had a sex change, said her arrest was brutal and aggressive.
Vladimir Luxuria said she was led away by two men in plain clothes on Sunday when she held up a sign saying "Gay is OK" in Russian in the Olympic Park and was held for about three hours.