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a unit of illumination equal to 1 lumen per square meter


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Altai continues to negotiate with LUX to increase its ownership stake in LUX to a controlling interest of 51% or greater and Lineage can terminate the transaction if a minimum of 51% interest in LUX is not achieved.
Winky Lux offers millennials a luxury makeup experience at affordable prices.
He and his team want to gain even more proximity to customers in Paris and thereby create the expected growth of the LUX Modelmanagement agency.
The Lux package offers 17-inch alloy wheels while the interiors get quality leather upholstery along with piano black inlays and an active information display.
ICF has tendered, or will tender, approximately USD402m principal amount of 2018 Lux Notes into Intelsat Luxembourg's ongoing offer to exchange 2018 Lux Notes for newly issued 12.
According to the LUX researchers, although their experiment eliminates a large swath of mass ranges where the fabled WIMPs might exist, it does not entirely rule out the existence of these exotic particles.
On October 6, Valkyrie was transformed into the House of Lux, a sweet-smelling flowery forest where guests and members of the media celebrated the brand's launch.
Unlike conventional topical treatments, which treat only the surface of the skin, Loma Lux products are taken internally to help attack skin disorders at their source, gently stimulating the body's own recovery response.
Ten Lux fans from around the region will get a chance to showcase their designs on the Lux runway in the UAE with two final winners to be selected by the judges.
When Harry, 20, was spotted with the tot - whose dad is Paddingtons singer Tom Atkin - Twitter went into meltdown, and one fan wrote: "Harry holding Lux is so adorable, imagine what a great dad he'd be.
Every bar of this new LUX has been created exquisitely to make you look and feel beautiful.
But after the episode's taping, Lux attacked his new guardians and they gave him up for their own safety.
Biolux P-I is a randomized, controlled study investigating the safety and performance of Passeo-18 Lux (n=30) versus an uncoated Passeo-18 percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) catheter (n=30) in the treatment of lesions in the femoropopliteal segment of up to 200 mm long.
KARACHI -- The Lux Star Calendar 2014 is a Collectible Item for Pakistani audiences from the style and entertainment leader in the country.
Particles such as neutrons and electrons can cause similar signals upon striking xenon, but LUX researchers say they can eliminate false positives with unprecedented accuracy.