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a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

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hydrogen, calcium, krypton, caesium, boron, palladium, oxygen, radium, neon, rubidium, xenon, iridium, cobalt, indium, copper, thulium, carbon, lutetium, argon, helium, radon, bismuth, lead, ununtrium, gold, mercury, tin, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, antimony.
In their current research, the MU scientists have shown the targeting agents can deliver the new radioactive lutetium nanoparticles to lymphoma tumor cells without attaching to and damaging healthy cells in the process.
From this product, VNIIHT is currently conducting a further study, attempting to selectively extract each of the most valuable REOs: dysprosium, terbium, yttrium, neodymium, europium, and lutetium.
F, OTCPK: ZMSPF), a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for industrial, healthcare and scientific markets, is pleased to announce that it has received a $500,000 order for its patented Lutetium Fine Silicate (LFS) scintillation crystals from a positron emission tomography (PET) medical imaging device manufacturer based in China.
It consists of a thin film, just 500 nanometers thick, made of a special type of crystal known as cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate.
Key rare earth metal products analyzed in this study include lanthanum, praseodymium, cerium, neodymium, samarium, promethium, europium, dysprosium, holmium, gadolinium, terbium, thulium, scandium, yttrium erbium, ytterbium, and lutetium.
hydrogen + xenon + barium + tantalum + boron + praseodymium + iridium + hassium + plutonium + thallium + germanium + scandium + thulium + einsteinium + erbium + cadmium + beryllium + tin + actinium + seaborgium + carbon + fluorine + indium + osmium + nitrogen + potassium + lead + protactinium + silicon + lutetium + rhenium + mercury + argon + neodymium + platinum + thorium lanthanum + oxygen + terbium + radon + samarium + dysprosium + iodine + bohrium + aluminium + chromium + palladium + tungsten + lithium + caesium + dubnium + meitnerium + niobium + ytterbium + gallium + arsenic + iron + sodium + nobelium + francium + astatine + strontium + copper + gadolinium + yttrium + selenium + curium + chlorine + promethium + gold + uranium + antimony
He said their study involved examining radioactive isotopes in the elements Hafnium, Lutetium and Neodymium.
Formed from a mix of oxides and rare earths, these zeolites apparently impart to oil products a telltale sign of their encounter--unusual proportions of such rare-earth metals as lanthanum, neodymium, samarium ytterbium, lutetium and vanadium.
The concentrate consists of Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Samarium, Yttrium, Holmium, Ytterbium, Erbium, Thulium and Lutetium This production test run will demonstrate the operational viability of the KRP plant.